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October 2017

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Bury me, my Love is a text-message-based game about Nour, a Syrian migrant trying to find her way to Europe. Her husband Majd remained in Syria; he will attempt, through a messaging app, to advise her as best he can so that she reaches her destination safely.


Bury me, my Love is a “reality-inspired game,” a documented fiction which draws inspiration directly from real-world events. The original idea stems from an article written by Le Monde.fr journalist Lucie Soullier that tells the story of Dana, a young Syrian woman who fled her country and is now living in Germany.

The article offers an insight into Syrian migrants journey through their use of WhatsApp. Indeed, cell phone has become a vital tool for Syrian trying to reach Europe, as it allows them to take useful pieces of advice and to be supported by their relatives. Thus, it appeared relevant to Florent Maurin, game designer and founder of The Pixel Hunt, to create a game that replicates the interface of a messaging app. In Bury me, my Love, you will have to help and support a Syrian migrant called Nour through text messages, emojis and even selfies.

Bury me, my Love is developed by The Pixel Hunt and Figs and co-produced by ARTE. Its story is co-written by Florent Maurin and journalist Pierre Corbinais (the creator of reference websites l’Oujevipo and Shake That Button), with the help of Dana and Lucie who are editorial consultants on the project. Thanks to these two women, Bury me, my Love can recreate the experience of a migrant woman on her way from Syria to Europe as realistically as possible.

“Bury me, my love” is an arabic expression meaning “Take care”, “Don’t even think about dying before I do”. You might say it to a loved one before going separate ways. That’s what Majd said to his wife Nour when she hit the road to Europe.

Drawing inspiration from real-time interactive fictions as well as the growing popularity of the WhatsApp messenger, Bury me, my Love is allowing the player to walk in Majd’s shoes. Armed only with his cell phone, Majd will have to support his loved one through some of the most difficult times of her life. How will he help Nour overcome the difficulties she encounters? He will be able to track her progress as she moves from one city to the next, and together they will have to make choices that could have dire consequences.

Bury me, my Love benefits from a financial help allowed by the Fonds d’Aide au Jeu Vidéo of the Centre National du Cinéma (the French Ministry of Culture’s national agency for moving images).


  • Sending and receiving text messages, pictures and emojis: Bury me, my Love replicates the interface of a messaging app.
  • Assisting Nour in her choices. Her budget, her mood and your relationship will vary depending on the decisions you make.
  • Talking to Nour in real time. Depending on what she is going through, you may not hear from her for a while. Notifications let you know when she’s available again.
  • Taking one of the numerous possible routes. Bury me, my Love offers multiple narrative branches leading to 20 different endings.


Presentation + gameplay video YouTube


download all screenshots & photos as .zip (17MB)

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Awards & Recognition

  • "Finalist at Magic IP" Monaco, February 2017
  • "Open Screens Selection at A MAZE" Berlin, April 2017

Selected Articles

  • "Games do not necessarily have to be fun and trivial. Like every medium, games can tackle any topic. It's all about finding the good distance, with an honest methodology."
    - Florent Maurin, Polygon
  • "The purpose of Bury me, my Love is to help players understand the real struggles of Syrian refugees."
    - Chris Prestman, Waypoint
  • "The fact that Bury Me, My Love will only be available on mobile devices has a deeper meaning [...] Migrants often report their dependency on smartphones and communications services like WhatsApp to stay in touch with their families and find safe travel deals."
    - Tobias Ritter, Gamestar.de
  • "The smartphone has become the supreme platform of choice for"reality-inspired games" "
    - Benjamin Bruel, Mashable France

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About The Pixel Hunt
Founded in 2014 by Florent Maurin, The Pixel Hunt is a video games studio dedicated to reality-inspired titles. It has run many commissioned projects for clients such as France Télévisions, ARTE or Le Monde, but Bury me, my Love is The Pixel Hunt’s first independent project .

About Figs
Figs is a digital design agency specialised in user experience design and graphic interfaces. The studio works for industry veterans such as Ubisoft and Amplitude. Bury me, my Love also is Figs’ first independent game project .

About Arte
Created in 1992, ARTE is a public Franco-German TV network with a focus on Europe and culture.. It already has co-produced several video games such as Type:Rider (with Agat Films) and Californium (with Darjeeling) .

About The Pixel Hunt

The Pixel Hunt is a video games studio based in Paris, France, with a focus on reality-inspired games.

More information
More information on The Pixel Hunt, our logo & relevant media are available here.

Bury me, my Love Credits

Florent Maurin
Producer, Game designer

Pierre Corbinais

Lucie Soullier and Dana S.
Editorial advisors

Paul Joannon

Interface design

Matthieu Godet

Audrey Werner
Communication, PR

Accidental Queens
Playtests, QA

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